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Jacoby Creek School 707-822-4896 Msg: 707-633-9090 707-822-4898 1617 Old Arcata Rd, Bayside CA 95524

JCS LIVE helps Jacoby Creek junior high students focus on their future goals and learn about leadership and potential careers. We have three main goals for the class.

  1. To help students identify their interests, skills, values, and abilities and to learn how education today has value in their future employment and career success.
  2. To help students learn about different professional and vocational fields of employment and to explore what makes a person successful and fulfilled in their jobs and careers.
  3. To help students learn about responsibility, leadership, service, citizenship, teamwork, and career success through contact and interaction with adult workers in our community.

We have lots of fun in this class and the students do a great job of working as a team and making a commitment to get the most out of their experience. For more information about JCS LIVE, please contact Jim Ritter at 839-5114, or by email at

JCS Live event outdoors sow student dressed for a day of fun in the outdoors.
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