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Jacoby Creek School 707-822-4896 Msg: 707-633-9090 707-822-4898 1617 Old Arcata Rd, Bayside CA 95524

Bell Schedule

7:30am Zero period: 7/8 Spanish (T – Fri)
8:25am Start of School
9:30-9:50am Grades 1-3 Recess
9:55-10:15am Grades 4-6 Recess
10:15-10:35am Grades 7-8 Recess  (includes 5 minutes passing time)
10:15-10:45am Kindergarten Recess
11:25am-12:05pm Grades 1-3 Lunch
11:35am-12:15pm Kindergarten Lunch
11:55am -12:35pm Grades 4-6 Lunch
12:20-1:00pm Grades 7-8 Lunch
2:15pm Grades K-3 Dismissal, All Student Dismissal on Mondays
3:00pm Grades 4-8 Dismissal (except Mondays)
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