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Jacoby Creek School 707-822-4896 Msg: 707-633-9090 707-822-4898 1617 Old Arcata Rd, Bayside CA 95524

Reminders for Visiting JCS

  • Always check in at main office.
  • Want to help in the classroom or school? Contact your child’s teacher or the main office to schedule a visit.
  • Have to miss an appointment? Please call early to cancel.

Phone: 707-822-4896
Message: 707-633-9090

Parents as Learning Partners

Parents contribute to their child’s learning experience by showing interest, asking questions, and communicating  with teachers. Supporting your child may include things like providing additional learning materials, exploring concepts together, reviewing and proofreading assignments, reading out loud, or just providing encouragement.

A strong partnership and excellent communication between parents, students and teachers is essential for a successful learning experience. Keeping open lines of communication strong can aide with recognizing and addressing individual learning strengths and needs.

The K-8 Model

During primary school years parents play an especially active in partnership with our teachers. Parents work with teachers to develop and nurture the student’s learning. Parents are encouraged to provide help when there are projects and assignments that will require some work at home.

As students move on to upper grades, parents gradually play a more supervisory role. They ensure that their child is managing his or her time properly, and is on task with learning outcomes. Parents can guide learning at home and provide time management that helps older students experience success with classes, clubs, and an increased learning responsibilities.

JCS Online Grade PortalOnline Grade Check (4th – 8th Grade)

You can check online grades for students in grades 4-8.

Jacoby Creek Children’s Education
Foundation (JCCEF)

JCCEF HeartprintJCCEF is a non-profit organization of parents, staff and community members whose primary purpose is to assist in the development, achievement, and maintenance of a superior educational system within the Jacoby Creek School District by providing general financial support to benefit children enrolled in Jacoby Creek School (JCS). Visit JCCEF Website.

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