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Jacoby Creek School 707-822-4896 Msg: 707-633-9090 707-822-4898 1617 Old Arcata Rd, Bayside CA 95524

The Jacoby Creek School Activity Center

  • Open Monday through Friday from 2:15-5:30.
  • During the two conference weeks, the hours change to 1:15-5:30.
  • The Activity Center is closed on all school holidays and on the last day of school.
  • Activity Center Director:  Colleen Bryie
Cost:  The fee is $4 per hour after the first 15 minutes.  Families are charged only for the time that the child is physically at the Activity Center.
The cost for students that qualify for a reduced lunch price is $0.40 per hour, and those qualifying for free lunch receive care free of charge.

Summer Information

  • The Activity Center is open Monday through Friday 7:30-5:30 with a maximum cost of $32 per day.
  • Summer sign up forms will be available on April 2, 2018.
  • The summer program is recommended for third grade and younger students.
  • Incoming kindergarten and transitional kindergarten students are welcome.
  • Children have the opportunity to work in the garden, cook, create arts and crafts, and read.
  • Summer rates are based on individual schedules.
Please call the school for additional information.
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